PI/PO Series

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PI/PO Series
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PPI/PPO Series

These series of Parallel Indexer and Oscillators units comprises two conjugated disc cam with turret having yoke mounted roller followers. It incorporates parallel input and output shafts. It is most often used in low number of stops and in indexing conveyors application.

  • Center distance : 50~250mm (8 sizes)
  • Number of stops : 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Index angle : 90°~300°
  • To be mounted to any position
  • A large variety of optional parts

How to order

PI : Parallel Indexer      
160 : Center distance      
F : Flange type
(NOTE) Unit size PI-160,200, and 250 can be supplied in both shaft and flange type. For units of flange type add the letter F.
3 : Number of stops      
120 : Index angle      
D : Face with mounting tap      
3 : Shaft projection      
F : Face with oil fill plug.      


  1. Modified Sine (MS) has been adopted as a standard cam motion law but a number of other standard cam motion laws are available. Please specify your requirement or consult us when ordering.
  2. For units with special stops, please define your requirements or consult us when ordering.
  3. Mounting tapped holes and Mounting through hole will appear in following faces;
  4. PI-50 ~ 125 are provided with
    Mounding through holes : C, D, E, F
    Special face: PI-160 or larger units (3 models)
    For unit with one worked face, we drill optional tap for eyebolt with request.
  5. Filler, Level, Drain will appear on following faces;
    Mounting position 1 ~  4        : Face F
    Mounting position 5&6           : Face C
    Consult us for oil fill plug on different face.
  6. Consult us for special input and output shaft dimension.
  7. Special models can be made to order.