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TLX series, adopt the same mechanism with RI series but the turret with larger diameter is more suitable for high number of stops indexing applications. The diameter of TLX hollow shaft is the largest among indexers available at the market. Extraordinary slim housing allows easy electric wiring or hydraulic piping works. This makes them to be the most preferred base indexers in the field of automatic machines.

  • Center distance : 100~450mm sizes
  • Number of stops : 4~40
  • Index angle : 90°~360°
  • Hollow shaft diameter
    TLX-100 Ø 45mm
    TLX-125 Ø 60mm
    TLX-150 Ø 70mm
    TLX-175 Ø 80mm
  • Output Mounting Torque Limiter is available at page MYDEX – 20

How to order (RI Type)
TLX-125-12-270L/UW-3B TH


TLX : Thin & Large Through Bore Index      
125 : Center distance      
12 : Number of stops      
270 : Index angle      
L : Cam handling      
UW : Mounting hole face      
3 : Shaft projection      
B : Mounting Position      
TH : Through Hard      


  1. Modified Sine (MS) has been adopted as a standard cam motion law but a number of other standard cam motion laws are available. Please specify your requirement or consult us when ordering.
  2. For unit with TH cam, please add appropriate letter.
  3. For units with special stops, please define your requirements or consult us when ordering.
  4. For unit with special index angles and timing, please define your requirements or consult us when ordering.
  5. The direction of rotation of the input and the output shafts should be checked when deciding motion.
  6. Tapped holes will appear in the following faces:
    TLX100˜175 (4 models) : 4 tapped holes at Face U
                                          : 4 tapped holes at Face W
    TLX-254 over (4 models):4 tapped holes at specified face only.
  7. Do not drill mounting tap and mounting hole together on Face UW or Face VZ for TLX-254 or larger models.
  8. B-style is the standard mounting position. Consult us for different mounting position.
  9. Oil fill plug will appear on following faces;
    A-, B-style : Face Z
    C-, D-style : Face W
    Consult us for oil fill plug on different face.
  10. Consult us for different input and output shaft dimension
  11. Consult us for special models not on the catalogue.